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  • 27405: Contact Joe Wilson (Wed 7:00 PM.)
  • 27408: Contact Jermaine Studwell (Tue 6:00 PM.)
  • 27406: Contact Calvin Smith (Tue 6:30)
  • 27405: Contact H. Rashard Jones (Wed (7:00 PM)
  • 27455: Contact H. Rashard Jones (Thu (7:00 PM)

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The objective is to equip Christians to make disciples by reaching the unbeliever and encouraging the weak brother; using in home Cell groups to reach individuals with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Jethro Principle - by Archie Luper

One of the greatest challenges of leadership is in equipping and empowering Christians to participate in ministry. I say a challenge because traditional thinking says that a church leader is the one who should keep most of the control and make most of the decisions. Warren Bennis has said, "Most organizations are underled and overmanaged. Managers do things right, but leaders do the right things." There is a difference. Often many churches are led by a few overworked, exhausted leaders and too many inactive members. The responsibility for both conditions, however, lies with the leadership.

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