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Duty Schedules


Adult Sunday


March: Calvin Smith
April: Jermaine studwell
May: Ron Reddicks
June: Shawn Steele
July: Calvin Smith
August: Jermaine studwell
September: Ron Reddicks
October: Shawn Steele
November: Calvin Smith
December: Jermaine studwell
January: Ron Reddicks
February: Shawn Steele

Youth Sunday School

7th Avery
14th Avery
21st Debbie
28th Lisa


5th Avery
12th Avery
19th Debbie
26th Lisa


2nd Jermaine
9th Calvin
16th Ron
23rd Connell
30th Lisa

7th Avery​
14th Avery​
21st Debbie​
28th Lisa


4th Shawn
11th Calvin
18th Ron
25th Connell


1st Avery
8th Avery
15th Debbie
22nd Lisa
29th Connell

6th Jermaine
13th Calvin
20th Ron
27th Connell


3rd Avery
10th Avery
17th Debbie
24th Lisa


1st Jermaine
8th Calvin
15th Ron
22nd Connell
29th Shawn


Children's Sunday School

May              June            July
5th Debbie         2nd Nicki           7th Debbie
12th Nicki          
9th Cynthia      14th Nicki

19th Cynthia    16th Debbie      21st Cynthia
26th Debbie      23rd Nicki          28th Debbie
                             30th Cynthia

August       September   October

4th Nicki               1st Cynthia      6th Nicki
11th Cynthia       8th Debbie      13th Cynthia
18th Debbie        15th Nicki         20th Debbie
25th Nicki             22nd Cynthia  27th Nicki
                               29th Debbie

November   December

3rd Cynthia        1st Debbie
10th Debbie       8th Nicki
17th Nicki           15th Cynthia
24th Cynthia      22nd Debbie
29th Nicki


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